The Team

California Bonsai Studio is run by a small but dedicated team of Bonsai Artists and Hobbyists.  Read on to learn more about us.

Photo by Michael Coons

Travis Goldstein – Proprietor, Artist in Residence

Travis became fascinated with Bonsai as a teenager, and has been practicing the art more than half of his life.  Travis has studied Bonsai in America and Japan, primarily under the late master Masaru ‘Mas’ Ishii. He founded California Bonsai Studio in 2008.

Fun Fact: Travis is also an avid motorcyclist and has raced professionally on both dirt and road tracks.

 Colin Fraser Purcell – Lead Apprentice, Nursery Manager

Colin is a biologist by education, but has worked for years as an artist and designer. The grandson of an orchid grower, he has spent most of his life interested in Botany, and Bonsai is the perfect intersection of his biology and artistic interests.  After learning as much about bonsai as he could on his own, he became apprentice to Travis to improve his skill, and he went full-time at the studio in 2016.

Fun Fact: Colin is also a singer and can sometimes be found at the studio strumming his guitar and serenading the trees.


Photo by Norm Nason

Shig Hayashi – Friend of the studio and lifelong bonsai hobbyist, Shig leads our third Saturday workshop/study-group.  He focuses primarily on developing high quality stock for bonsai.







We are also fortunate to have student helpers at California Bonsai Studio.  These dedicated hobbyists study with Travis and Colin as well as help maintain the nursery.


Javier – A multitalented artist who works in paints, ceramics, and now bonsai, Javi has also started to make his own bonsai pots.






Taylor – A classic ‘Green-Thumb’ who enjoys growing nearly anything, Taylor is invaluable in keeping our pre-bonsai stock healthy and developing.