Round Yixing Pot


Yixing Unglazed Bonsai Container.



A round unglazed bonsai container, available in 2 sizes.

  • 3 feet
  • 1 large drainage hole
  • 3 tie down wire holes

The clay in Yixing is renowned worldwide. On a molecular level, the particles are a roundish shape, whereas clay anywhere else has a pancake like shape. This unique molecular structure means the yixing clay is more porous, which is better for your bonsai. The locals say if you leave a Yixing clay teacup full of water overnight, it’s supposed to be empty the next morning, leaving a puddle on the table.

High Quality Yixing Clay
High Quality Craftsmanship
Hand Made in Yixing
Professionally Curated


Diameter: 7.5″ (6.25″)

Height/Depth: 3.25″ (2.75″)


Diameter: 5.75″ (4.5″)

Height/Depth: 2.5″ (2″)

*All dimensions are in the format: exterior”(interior”) to the nearest 1/4″


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